Medical Provider Network/PPOs

Providing Better Care at Lower Costs. It works for everyone.

Our medical provider networks (MPN) and preferred provider organizations (PPOs) provide another opportunity to save on medical care costs. We have immediate access to multiple MPNs, and PPOs that include thousands of providers nationwide. Their specialized knowledge in treating workers' compensation-related claims help to speed diagnosis and treatment and lower care costs. To enhance cost-saving possibilities, AMC can also negotiate special fees and discounts with non-PPO providers.

Our proprietary medical case management system integrates MPN activities and billings with utilization management and medical case management, providing you, your employees and those supervising injured workers' care direct Internet-based access to MPN providers. Easy and secure online access to real-time information dramatically improves communication and speeds case resoulution and return to work.

If your workers’ compensation program does not already include an MPN, we can help you establish one and meet all its requirements, including developing policies and procedures, handbooks and employee notifications.

To discuss MPN networks in your community, call (800) 431-6336.