Medical Bill Review

Working To Save You Every Dollar Possible

While fundamental to any cost containment effort, the bill review program you select, and the skill of those doing the analysis, can have a significant impact on how much your organization spends. Unlike generic systems, our customized, leading-edge software and comprehensive approach to bill review places special emphasis on specific cost elements that escalate costs through services that include:

  • Review complex hospital and surgical bills to recalculate the charges of cost-and-care intensive procedures to ensure the payer is only paying what they legally owe.
  • Services throughout the Continental United States including Hawaii
  • Validate services provided through careful reviews by highly experienced, certified bill reviewers
  • Employ state-of-the-art software that reviews and re-bills all invoices and provides web-based access to all state fee schedules
  • Highlight and document all duplicate billing, unauthorized charges, upcoding, unbundling and disallowed fees
  • Review and evaluate provider bills using the method that is most effective in maximizing cost reductions
  • Integrate bill review data into the claims administration database using our sophisticated electronic data interchange (EDI) system
  • Link utilization management and bill review modules to provide accurate treatment authorization information
  • Allow your risk managers 24/7 access to claims information through our secure website
  • Provide comprehensive frequency and cost-analysis reporting online and in real time
  • Facilitate management review and control through customized reporting in the format you specify
For more details or to arrange a demonstration of our system call (800) 431-6336.