ALLIED MANAGED CARE℠ Medical Cost Containment Services

Achieving results by eliminating cookie-cutter services

It's no secret that workers' compensation claims and medical costs are escalating dramatically. Since 1995 Allied Managed Care (AMC), a trusted provider of medical cost containment services to companies and public entities throughout the West, has focused on managing medical costs and bettering outcomes on behalf of our clients. Over that time we have developed a unique strategy to protect our clients’ critical financial assets and deliver optimal therapeutic solutions at minimal cost.

We utilizes proprietary, proactive, cost-saving models, strategies and tactics to lower medical care costs and help you stay on top of the changes that affect your ability to contain costs. We provide our , flexible tools and sophisticated services to meet your organization’s needs and address the specific cost drivers within it. This tailored approach leads to outstanding measurable results and cost savings that rank among the highest in their individual jurisdictions. We design our services to lower costs without compromising care to injured workers, ensuring our fees are far less that the savings we generate.

Our comprehensive menu of sophisticated solutions-- essential to an optimal cost containment program-- is available on a bundled or unbundled basis:

Productive partnership with our clients is more than a goal; it is a pre-requisite of effective cost control. We support those partnership by investing in leading-edge technology that delivers rapid response, comprehensive reporting and 24/7 support. In addition, we hie and retain highly experienced, knowledgeable professional whose sole responsibility is to ensure quality medical care while lowering costs. Our senior management monitors performance standards through audits and hands-on supervision to ensure that our services never let you down.

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