Allied Managed Care Inc. (AMC) has been providing medical cost containment services in Hawaii since 1995 that are designed to provide cost effective strategies that promote better quality, improved outcomes and a higher customer satisfaction. The services we can offer you are based on defined needs requested and are available on a bundled or unbundled basis:

  • Nurse Case Management, both field and telephonic
  • Medical Record Review
  • Utilization Review
  • Medical Bill Review.

By using licensed nurses who apply the additional medical expertise necessary in various industrial claims, case management is a key component of our comprehensive managed care program. AMC Hawaii employs only Registered Nurses to conduct case management functions and have Case Managers covering all of the islands. Some of our nurses are bilingual and are able to speak to our injured workers in their native language (Japanese or Filipino-Tagalog or Ilocano)!!

AMC-Hawaii’s Bill Review unit offers a state of the art program that utilizes a web based, automated system enhanced by the expertise of the staff trained to review bills the “AMC way” looking for specific cost elements that escalate your costs. All of the Hawaii hospital and outpatient surgery bills are reviewed by a nurse prior to a Bill Review Analyst to identify/clarify any major billing discrepancies/medical issues. Our Hawaii Bill Review analysts are Certified Professional Coders all independently licensed in the State of Hawaii with 27 years of experience between them.